About PPM 2019

The purpose of the symposium is to create an environment for scientific and technological discussions and exchange ideas between academia and industry on fundamental aspects of characterization, manipulation, production and usage of porous and powder materials which are widely used in construction, sound and heat insulation, coating, ceramics, filling, packaging, storage, waste treatment, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceuticals, hygiene, defense, aerospace and other applications.

The main themes to be covered by the Porous and Powder Materials Symposium and Exhibition are summarized as follows:

Theme A Development and Characterization
• Carbon-Based Structures, Polymers • Ceramics/Glassy Materials • Composites / Hybrid Materials • MOFs • Zeolites • Metallic Structures
• Advanced Functional Materials, etc.
Theme B Catalysis
• Synthesis of Fine Chemicals • Catalytic Membrane Reactors • Structured Reactors • Plasmonic Catalysts, etc.
Theme C Environment and Energy
• Waste Treatment • Odor Control • Storage Materials • Electrodes • Fuel Cells, etc.
Theme D Biological and Medical Aspects
• Bio-Materials • Bio-Membranes • Implants • Drug Delivery • Pharmaceutical • Nanodevices • Biosensors, etc.
Theme E Transport and Surface Chemistry
• Adsorption • Transport • Wetting • Coatings and Paints • Self-Assembly • Biomimicry, etc. • Micro/Nano-scale One&Two Phase Flows
Theme F Modeling and Simulation
​• Computational Fluid Dynamics • Molecular Dynamics Modelling • Volume Averaged Theories • Pore level Fluid Analysis
Theme G Industrial Applications
• Powder Metallurgy • Heat and Sound Insulation • Coatings • Ceramics • Filtration • Packaging • Storage • Filling Materials • Construction • Textile
• Analytical Equipment • Mining and Metallurgy • Defense and Aerospace Applications, etc.

The official language of the symposium is English.